Getting a Divorce is Easy?

For many people… the whole process of getting a divorce is one of the hardest things they will go through or encounter in their life.

After all… a divorce isn’t something that the average person goes through on a daily basis… so when it comes time for you and your spouse to make that hard decision… there are many questions you may have.

Some of these questions might include:

  • How will we divide up our property and debt?
  • How will we raise our children?
  • We live in the same house… what will our finances look like after we move to separate homes?
  • Will it be expensive? Do I need to hire a divorce attorney?

…and there’s probably a host of other questions that you may come up with.

At the end of the day… there really isn’t one, easy, solve-all solution to divorce.

If you and your spouse are fighting like dogs… in disagreement… and are on the verge of killing each other… it is definitely in your BEST interest to seek the services of a qualified divorce attorney to represent your best interests.

A typical divorce attorney will cost you somewhere in the $5,000 to $10,000 range at the end of the day… dependent on how tough and involved your divorce case is.

This whole process can totally wreck what relationship you and your spouse could have salvaged… had you guys come to an agreement on your divorce.

But… if both you and your spouse are willing to come to an agreement… then it may be in your interest if you are looking to save money to represent yourself ‘Pro-Se’.

‘Pro-Se’ means that you are representing yourself. #1 Divorce Forms helps you & your spouse represent yourself in your divorce case hearing by providing you with the state-specific divorce forms you need… in order to complete your DIY (do it yourself) divorce.

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