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Below on this page are some of the most frequently asked divorce questions that we have had from our clients.

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1. What is an Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce (or a no-fault divorce)… is simply a divorce in which two parties (the husband and the wife)… have come to a conclusion on how to end their marriage.

There is no fighting or disagreement on any of the major issues… and the parties are not asking the court or the judge to divide anything. An uncontested divorce means that both parties agree on how to divide their property, debts and they also agree on how to raise their children (if any).

It is to both parties best interests that a divorce be an uncontested divorce… as this can lead to a fairly inexpensive divorce at the end of the day… as you will not need a divorce attorney to represent you.

#1 Divorce Forms provides you with the divorce forms that you need… in order to get a fast and simple uncontested divorce in your state.

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2. Will These Divorce Forms Work for Me?

Yes… the divorce forms that you will purchase off of #1 Divorce Forms will in fact work for you and your divorce.

At least once a month — we update the state-specific divorce forms and paperwork that we hold in our secure download area… and have a local divorce attorney review them to make sure that they are high quality and up-to-date with any local state changes, amendments or requirements.

#1 Divorce Forms will work with you and your spouse… whether you have children together… property that needs to be divided… or debt that needs to be split up for you.

In fact — we offer a 30-day no questions asked, money-back guarantee… in the unlikely case that the divorce forms don’t work for you.

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3. Is there a Refund Policy?

Yes. At #1 Divorce Forms we provide you with the BEST and the highest quality divorce forms.

With that said — we offer all of our customers a 30-day no questions asked, money-back refund in case your divorce forms are not accepted by the court.

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4. What if My Spouse Won’t Sign the Divorce Forms?

If your spouse will not sign the divorce forms — then it is important for you to make sure that you communicate to them (in a very peaceful, nice tone)… that it is to the both of your interests that you guys come to an agreement concerning the divorce.

Inform your spouse (nicely)… that at the end of the day if you guys can NOT come to an agreement on your divorce… then each of you will both likely need to hire an expensive divorce attorney. This can run each one of you up to $5,000 a piece.

Also… if you have children… it is important that the two of you come to an agreement peacefully and not have to take it to court… which can wind up becoming messy and can possibly create an animosity between your children and yourself and/or your spouse.

Stating these points usually makes the other spouse willing to negotiate and come to an agreement with you. After all… most people really do not have thousands of dollars to waste on attorneys… nor do they want to put their children through the anguish & torment of a messy, public divorce.

It is important that if your spouse refuses to sign the divorce forms… that you listen to them and make sure you understand WHY they refuse to sign.

Once you know why they refuse to sign… you need to make a decision. Is this something which you are willing to concede to them? Sometimes it is better for you to allow your spouse to “win” a minor battle… in order for you to win the war and get what you want (namely, a simple divorce).

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5. Is there Any other Expenses that I Should Worry About?

The only other major cost you will have is filing fees at your courthouse. You will need to check with your local courthouse to see how much they charge to file a divorce. Most states charge on average between $50-$175 for filing fees.

If you have a very low-income… most states make a provision that you can apply for a “pauper’s affidavit”… which allows you to file for a reduced rate or even free in some cases.

Other expenses include notarizing the completed divorce forms (about $5 to $15)… and you may be required by your county to attend parenting classes if you have minor children.

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6. What is Joint Legal Custody?

This means that both you and your spouse both have the legal capacity to make decisions in regards to your children’s upbringing, schooling, medical and other important decisions.

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7. Do I (or my spouse) Need to Pay Child Support?

In most cases, the answer is ‘Yes’. Most states have guidelines that calculate how much a parent should pay the other parent… and it is typically based off of how much money each parent makes… how many nights out of the year a parent has visitation with the minor children… who is paying for health insurance, daycare and other expenses… and a few other variables.

In the divorce forms that you will get today from #1 Divorce Forms… if you have children we will give you the correct divorce forms that you need… as well as giving you a link to your state’s DHS… website which will allow you to calculate how much child support should be paid.

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8. What if My Spouse Lives Out of State?

That is no problem. You will just need to mail them the completed divorce forms… and have them sign and notarize their portions of the divorce paperwork… and mail it back to you so that you file.

We include “Waivers” in our divorce forms kit… which when signed by your spouse… grants the court permission to finalize your divorce… even if your spouse is not present.

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9. How Do I Download My Divorce Forms?

After you make purchase today for your state-specific divorce forms… you will be forwarded a link to your e-mail address. You would then follow the simple-instructions in that e-mail… and download your divorce forms.

The divorce forms will either be in .PDF (Adobe) or .DOC (Microsoft Word) format.

Most of the forms can be filled out on your computer… and then you will just print them out… follow the filing instructions included in each kit… and you’re on your way to a simple divorce!


We hope this FAQ page was able to answer any of the divorce questions you may have had. If you have any other questions — you may click here and we will answer them for you.